Pawn stars’ favorite Chumlee embarked onto a tough yet fascinating weight loss journey:

chumlee weight loss

Austin Russell, best known as Chumlee from Pawn Stars, rose to fame for his silly antics and goofy deals in pawn shop, but surprisingly, it has been his weight loss that has made him famous.

The star has grabbed the spotlight by shedding excess pounds from his body. Surely, his fans are too eager to hear his weight loss story.

Chumlee was amongst the most famous stars from Pawn Stars series on History channel. While audience fell in love with his silly behavior, he was quite huge, weighing almost 320 pounds.

What triggered him to set upon this journey?

When diagnosed as pre-diabetic and after losing his father against pancreatic cancer, he decided to take control on his health by making some serious changes in his life.

Since then, he is unstoppable and has amazed everyone by losing 100 pounds, dropping from 320 to 225 pounds.

Chumlee has never looked back and is determined to lose more in future. He believes that he still have 50 extra pounds to lose.

You can take a look at his recent photos and you won’t believe the amazing transformation he has been through. Keep on reading to know how once a huge man looks so amazing now!

Chumlee’s diet plan:

You might be eager to know that special diet plan that has helped him look ‘fat-free’ today.

chumlee diet plan

But, to your surprise, his diet plan wasn’t strict at all. Instead of opting for some crash diets, he added more healthy foods to his existing one.

Well, the process of weight loss was slower for him, but far better and healthier than other unhealthy means.

On top of weight loss, it further reduces his chances of regaining weight.

  • No fast food: He started from slashing processed foods from his diet. He further eliminated frozen foods, fast food and baked goods from his meals completely. These foods are not at all healthy and contains huge amount of sugar, fat & sodium.
  • Paleo diet: Chumlee started to eat a high-protein, low-carb diet. This specific diet doesn’t include refined carbs such as sugar & flour and focuses more on veggies, meat and dry fruits.
  • Green smoothie: He starts his day by consuming a green smoothie. Though he admits to have meat but also tries to add more veggies into his meals.

For him, there is no such thing as ‘fad diets’:

Chumlee completely disapproves of fad diet, in which you starve and deprive yourself from things you love to eat.

Instead, it is better to eat healthier that ensures the weight loss.

Well, it is true that crash diets help you to lose weight instantly, but studies have proved that once you stop following the plan, you gain weight immediately.

So, definitely a slow yet steady approach will lead to greater results in the long run. Chumlee has shed nearly 100 pounds using these methods and techniques.

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Some other weight-loss technique followed by Chumlee:

Having a healthy diet plan was not enough, but for him, weight loss has to be a combination of a balanced diet and routine workouts, both.

He performed workouts six days a week and these are not just the ordinary exercises. To lose more, he performs intense workout sessions that help him by burning more calories.

For Chumlee, his fitness routines are no joke but a serious matter. He has also been seen working out on Pawn Stars.

So, now you know that what exactly you have to do to get yourself on Chumlee’s track!

Chumlee teams up with co-star Bigg Hoss on his journey:

Chumlee teams up with his co-star to lose weight and believe it or not, the duo surprises everyone with the outcomes.

He believes that when you try to achieve your goals with someone, you feel more triggered and motivated.

Together, they managed to lose 300 pounds and they still have a long way to go!

Chumlee’s weight loss – A lesson for all:

'Pawn Stars' Weight Loss

Chumlee started off this journey as a means to save his life, so it consists of genuineness and sincerity on his part.

He never thought of quitting midway, because of the dynamics he has designed for his journey.

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